The Future of Work

  • Topics:

    Future of Work & Generation Y

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    Math Academy

  • Location:

    29 Hauman St., , Entrance From Back On
    Parallel Street Jerusalem

  • Start Date:

    Match 20, 2019

  • End Date:

    Match 20, 2019

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Event Description

One of the hottest events for MATH Academy, The Future of Work event was hosted by MATH in their Headquarters. This event focused on what the future holds for current organizations and companies that are looking to expand their brand, as well as for graduates that are looking for work. .

Most of the existing research has focused on the impact of automation in advanced, industrial countries and the policy and societal implications of this transition. However, understanding the local impact of automation in the Middle East is vital for the region’s policy makers and workers, to mitigate the potential negative effects of technology adoption and exploit the economic opportunities that the new future of work promises. To that end, we analyzed six countries in the region—Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates—to determine the extent of the impact automation will have on workers in the region.


Keynote Speaker

Hassan Massarwe
CFO - Full Stack Uxer

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